Point system in the Czech Republic (driving) – applicable to foreigners!

What it is?

A penalty point or demerit point system is one in which a driver’s licensing authority, police force, or other organization issues cumulative demerits, or points to drivers on conviction for road traffic offenses. Points are applied after driving offenses are committed. If the total exceeds 12 points, the offender may be disqualified from driving for a time, or the driving license may be revoked. Fines and other penalties may be applied additionally.

YES, it IS applicable to foreigners – common mistake!

The system applies not only to foreigners who hold the Czech driving license but also to foreigners holding EU driving license, driving license issued by another state or international driving license. The difference for holders of other than Czech driving license is that after reaching 12 points the driving license is not taken away from its holder. However, such person is banned from driving on the territory of the Czech Republic for 1 year. In case such foreigner violates the ban and drives a motor vehicle, his driving license can be theoretically held back by a police officer and the driver is immediately prevented from continuing to drive.

Basic principles:

  • Points are always added from 2 to 7 points
  • Maximum amount of points is 12
  • Points can only be recorded as legally effective punishment of an unlawful action
  • Points are cancelled for driving for 1 year without a driving offence, max 4 points per year
  • When reaching 12 points the driver receives an appeal to revoke the driving license
  • The driver can claim return of the driving license earliest 1 year since its revocation. Exams in a driving school are required before claiming it back.

Most common offences:

 Driving with alcohol or other narcotics             7 POINTS

Prohibited overtaking                                          7 POINTS

Prohibited driving across rail crossing               7 POINTS

Driving away from a car accident                     7 POINTS

Technically unfit vehicle                                     5 POINTS

Speeding by 40-50 km/h                                    5 POINTS

Driving without driving license                          4 POINTS

No use of a baby car seat                                  4 POINTS

Not giving the right of way                                 4 POINTS

Speeding by 20-30 km/h                                    3 POINTS

No use of seat belts                                            3 POINTS

Speeding by up to 20-30 km/h                         2 POINTS

Driving with mobile phone                                2 POINTS

How do I find out how many points I have collected so far?

You can get the extract from your point evaluation in the drivers’ register in the place of your permanent residence of at any Czech POINT office, usually at Municipal office or at the Czech Post Office branches.