Orientation Trip

We created this service to give first-timers a practical introduction to Prague as a future home. We’ll tour the city and while we’re at it, we’ll talk about how to properly shake hands, learn distances and travel times within the city, have a look at some representative accommodation, check out the offerings at a typical grocery store, butcher or green grocer, see what fun Prague offers, how safe it is and any other topics important for the relocating assignee.

Is your assignee not sure about the new destination and quality of life for his/her family?

A one- or two-day professional orientation tourwill give your assignee a realistic picture of their future home. For many companies this service has proved greatly beneficial when compared to thecost of relocating back to the home country.

Accompanied orientation tour includes:

  • Needs assessment to ascertain the assignee’s requirements
  • Pre-planning of the tripincluding housing analyses
  • Itinerary of the trip
  • Pick up of the assignee (and family)
  • Welcome pack and review of information over a cup of coffee
  • Over the map orientation
  • Tour of neighborhoods and typical housing
  • Viewing of 2-3 representative properties
  • School overview / visits if required
  • Distances orientation (office / school / home / other)
  • Providing basic information about the city, country, living in, shopping, medical care, expatriate community, places of worship, sports and leisure, etc.
  • Explanation of the real estate process & describing lease conditions for contact (local customs, deposits, restrictions)
  • The public transport system, parking, driving tips
  • Safety guidelines Do’s & Don’ts
  • Places of individual interest for the assignee
  • Return to hotel / airport
  • Report to the HR / RM
  • Follow up with additional information