About us


Klara Jakubickova, MBA, GMS

A comprehensive approach

I’ve been working in the relocation industry for more than 17 years. Having started in international moving, I understand the complexity of relocating to a new country and the need to look at relocation as a whole instead of following just one line of assigned services. My clients appreciate my comprehensive approach and ability to look at their relocation from different angles.

An established professional

For 13 years I ran the Czech branch of a well-recognized international relocation company. I was involved in all parts of doing business, both in years of expansion as well as during economicdownturns. I understand the Czech business and cultural environment and, moreover, I have experience with all aspects of running a company. While working in management in a multinational company, I learned Western standards and business ethics and employed them back when the Czech Republic was more “eastward facing”.

In my next career step, I worked as Relocations Director for Central and Eastern Europe. For five years I was responsible for developing relocation services in fifteen countries across Central and Eastern Europe. I was involved in creating strategies, overseeing operations and developing new business. I have traveled a lot, since I was involved both in multinational presentations as well as day-to-day operational issues in different countries.I have organized training seminars and coaching sessions for our consultants and sales force. This position gave me a fantastic opportunity to experience all aspects of international relocations and to extend my relocation thinking beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. Regular attendance at Mobility conferences both in Europe and the USA, being an active member of the international relocation community as well as speaking at sessions both in Europe and USA on the specifics of relocations and cultural differences within Eastern Europe have made me into a true relocation professional.

Professional credentials

I hold an MBA from the University of Seattle and am a proud holder of the GMS designation since 2009.

That experience – combined with feedback from my clientsand the fact that I simply love the relocation world – has led me to establish my own company, CheckPoint Relocations.