How to drive in the Czech Republic

The main Road regulations

  • The speed limits are as follow:
    • highways and motorways: 130 km/h (aprox. 80 mph)
    • roads: 90 km/h (aprox. 56 mph)
    • residential areas: 50 km/h (aprox. 30 mph)
    • The above mentioned are general limits; otherwise, the highest permitted speed at a traffic sign prevails.
  • Penalty point system (pls refer to our article Point systém in the Czech republic
  • Mandatory day time running lights during whole year
  • Stricter penalties for traffic offences (up to 2000 EURO)
  • The driver and front seat passengers must buckle up their safety belts. The passenger in the front seat must not be younger than 12 years of age.
  • Zero alcohol tolerance
  • Use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited
  • Mandatory cycle helmets for cyclists up to 18 years
  • Mandatory child restraint devices for children up to 36 kg and up to 150 cm on all types of roads
  • Possibility of the Czech Police Force to confiscation the driving licence on the spot in case of serious traffic offence
  • The Czech Police Force has in case of serious offences the right to clamp the wheel to prevent continuing driving,
  • When leaving a roundabout a driver should use a signalisation to show a change of direction.
  • When passing and turning, it is necessary to use a turn signal. If there is a red light at a traffic stop, drivers are forbidden to make any turns (even when turning right). Further, drivers must also signal when passing a cyclist.
  • Right-hand rule applicable to give the right of way

The team of CheckPoint Relocations wishes you safe driving!