Birth number and what it is

So your immigration process is about to be finalized and still your CheckPoint immigration consultant asks for another appointment for a birth number pick up.

No matter if you are EU citizen or a third country citizen, you are entitled to receive your birth number in CZ. It is handy to have one as it will make your life easier when dealing with different authorities, arranging contracts such as mobile phone or internet, make transactions such as registration of a car, may be requested by the school your children attend and on other occasions.

We will make all the arrangements, fill out the application forms and submit the application for you. We will also arrange an appointment and accompany you when picking up your new Birth number!

A birth number is a ten digit number which can be divided by eleven without any remainder. The first two digits represent the year of birth; the second two digits express the month of birth – in the case of females 50 is added; and the third two digits represent the date of birth. The last four digits distinguish between people born on the same calendar day.

Birth numbers assigned to individuals born before 1 January 1954 have the same structure, however are composed of nine digit numbers, having only three digits at the end, and they do not satisfy the condition of being divided by eleven.

Time Limits for issuance

30 days from the date on which the relevant application was duly delivered to the Ministry of the Interior.

Please note the time limit is very likely to be longer due to delays in processing.

Issuing a Birth number is not an automated process when applying for the Residence permit. In case you do not have your Birth number and you wish or need to have one, please contact us to help you out.

Source of information: www of Ministry of Interior